For Caregiver

In order to ensure resident safety, it is important to act fast. Respond promptly to any SOS messages from residents, regardless of your location. By utilizing an effective communication platform, these messages can be easily directed and responded to, resulting in efficient solutions without the need for caregivers to physically enter resident rooms. 

Community Communications

Notify simplifies resident communication by providing updates on daily activities, meals, and issuing necessary warnings and alerts. Staff can save time by securely communicating through HIPAA-compliant channels, whether in-person or remotely. Access to previous communications and records enables quick understanding for staff and effective support for residents. 

For Administrators

Notify is deployed with a focus on community and network, making the use of desktops and laptops essential to this approach. It includes features such as community messaging and alerts that reach everyone in the building. Notify is user-friendly for managing staff, caregivers, and residents. We also provide full data monitoring and analysis. 

SOS Communications

Resident-customizable SOS controls allow for precise alerts to be sent to community staff and caregivers, enabling your team to promptly respond and provide assistance to residents regardless of their location. Family members can also be notified, as determined by the resident. These alerts can be sent from any location, both inside and outside of the community. 

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