Notify Nurse Call System

NOTIFY Nurse Call is a next generation mobile nurse call solution that allows your caregivers to receive and respond to alerts from wherever they are in the building.

Simplify communications, optimize operations and improve outcomes with NOTIFY’s integrative platform. Equip your staff with the necessary tools to deliver top-quality care, while providing your community with real-time data for effective staffing, performance assessment, and accountability. By leveraging Inovonics technology, NOTIFY offers a wireless alert system solution, enabling seamless real-time communication. 

Nurse Call System Benefits 

Caregiver and Communities 

Enable prompt mobile alert responses with seamless EHR integration. Automated alert and resolution recording, reducing paperwork and enhancing accountability.

Senior Housing Residents 

Easily communicate with caregivers, doctors, and family. Various notification methods, including pendants, pull-cords, and traditional alert systems included. 

Families and Loved Ones

Gain valuable insights into the care and requirements of your loved ones. Get a comprehensive overview of calls and their resolutions, providing you with assurance. 


NOTIFY delivers real-time data, comprehensive communication tools, and heightened accountability all within a compact solution.

Use distinctive features and advantages such as: 

  • Push-to-talk voice functionality
  • Private and group text messaging
  • Comprehensive reporting and cloud backup solutions
  • Updates on alert statuses within each caregiver’s designated area
  • Audible alerts for medical incidents on mobile devices, even if locked
  • Real-time performance data on individuals, departments, and facilities

Nurse Call and Resident Safety

NOTIFY Nurse Call System provides assurance for residents and families

Interactive alert transmission and response

Comprehensive event information

Sophisticated resident tracking  

Maintenance documentation

Wander Management

NOTIFY provides safety combined with unrestricted mobility

Roaming alert system  

AccuTech wander management solution  

Resident identification integration  

Entry and exit point monitoring

Sensor-based monitoring and notifications

Geolocation capabilities

Community Security

NOTIFY provides reliable on-site security you can rely on

Video surveillance

Entry security Motion detection

Magnetic locks management  

Continuous CCTV surveillance


Bringing together caregivers, residents, and families

WiFi network installation  

Text messaging among caregivers

Group communication

Organization-wide messaging 

Video and voice communications

Software Feature

Secure private and group messaging with voice  

Instant overview of all caregiver paging statuses 

Entire facility and individual caregiver evaluation 

Comprehensive reporting and cloud backup solutions

Audible notifications audible even when the device is locked

Hardware Features

Push button and pull cord stations 

Window and door security monitoring  

Location-equipped pendant for residents

Temperature monitoring and smoke detection  

Fall detection bed/chair sensors and resident check-in and rounds verification

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