Caregiver Benefits

Act promptly, deliver top-notch assistance, and prioritize safety. Get notified and react promptly to nurse call alerts from any location, including resetting alarms without entering residents’ rooms. In these times, caregivers are expected to attend to an increased number of resident demands and inquiries. With a suitable integrated system, you can optimize your time management without sacrificing the quality of care for the residents. 

Team Coordination

Alerts offer excellent opportunities for your team to enhance visibility and coordination. By utilizing an integrated security system, alongside wander management and general nurse call alerts, all accessible on a single application, managing responses and maintaining visibility has never been more efficient and effortless. 

Emergency Alert Communication

Enable precise and efficient alerting for community staff and caregivers.  Through seamless integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) and billing modules, all alerts, corresponding responses and response-time are automatically logged and easily accessible for review by residents, families, and staff, ensuring accountability and transparency. 

For Administrators

Having strong management and administrative reporting tools will help your team effectively manage staffing and respond to urgent matters in your community. By incorporating security features such as, wander management, and nurse call alerts, your operations staff can gain valuable insights into usage patterns, enabling optimized staffing responses and improved communication with residents and families regarding concerns and issues 

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