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Our Story

At Notify, we are dedicated to bringing convenience by connecting caregivers, residents, and their family members on a single platform.

The passionate team at Notify has worked in close collaboration with residents and caregivers to ensure a seamlessly integrated interface that is not only easily operable and user-friendly but also radiates a genuine sense of care. We have listened attentively to the concerns voiced by healthcare facilities and have developed an affordable platform that stands out for its ability to integrate into any legacy nurse call systems, fostering a harmonious and comforting environment within the facility.

Our Values

At Notify, our values form the cornerstone of everything we do.


We are committed in our heart and mind to provide solutions that ease the lives of the residents in LTC.  


Convenience is one of the core principles that we hold dear, to have our service available to any and all despite financial constraints.


We want to work in close coordination with healthcare providers and residents to listen to their concerns and develop a system that mutually benefits the two.


We strive to provide cutting-edge software solutions to the LTC healthcare industry, constantly pushing for technological advancement

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At Notify, our values form the cornerstone of everything we do.

Join us and contribute to our mission of making a positive impact in the healthcare industry together.

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