Senior Living Communications

NOTIFY Communications is an app that offers video, text, and voice communication features, which are crucial for residents to stay connected with their natural support networks and healthcare providers. This helps uphold communication and support for health outcomes, especially when the healthcare system experiences strains that can cause communication issues. 

Senior Living Communications Benefits 

For Caregivers

Receive quick notifications directly on your mobile device. These alerts seamlessly integrate with your EHR system, automatically documenting all communications to minimize administrative tasks. 

For Residents

This app is designed for convenient communication with caregivers, doctors, and family members. You have complete control over who receives alerts and can manage emergency contacts and communication history. 

For Family

Keeping in contact with your loved ones and staying informed about their well-being has become more convenient than ever before. Harness the power of Notify’s communication platform to connect with your family members and their caretakers. 

Caregiver & Resident Communication 

Efficiently communicate with residents both in-person and remotely using secure and HIPAA-compliant channels including community-wide communication options.  With access to prior communications, resident summaries, and consultation history, you can stay informed and provide the necessary assistance to residents. 

SOS Communication 

Residents have the ability to personalize their SOS controls, allowing them to send precise alerts to community staff and caregivers that include location data. Emergency notifications can also be sent to family members as desired by the resident. These alerts can be sent from anywhere, both within and outside of the community.  

For Community Leadership 

NOTIFY offers sophisticated and insightful data reporting functionalities for community leaders. Ensure consistent usage of the platform by caregivers, while benefiting from comprehensive data monitoring and analysis capabilities. Experience seamless data management and gain valuable insights to enhance decision-making processes.

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