“We’re at the cusp of a new world”

This Washington Post article does a nice job explaining the new challenges faced by older people due to COVID-19, seclusion and social isolation:

Months into the coronavirus pandemic, older adults are having a hard time envisioning their “new normal.”

Many remain fearful of catching the virus and plan to follow strict precautions — social distancing, wearing masks and gloves, limiting excursions to public places — for the indefinite future.

Mortality is no longer an abstraction for those who have seen friends and relatives die of covid-19. Death has an immediate presence as never before. Many people are grieving the loss of their old lives and would love nothing better than to pick up where they left off. Others are convinced their lives will never be the same.

“We’re at the cusp of a new world,” said Harry Hutson, 72, an organizational consultant and executive coach who lives in Baltimore.

These are challenging times, for sure. A key component of weathering these frustrations is simple: Communication. As McKnight’s Senior Living recently pointed out:

Communication, especially with families, is one of the keys to maintaining relationships … “The total lockdown was very long and, honestly, families went crazy. They suffered so much from not being able to come and visit their relatives.” … One lesson learned, he said, is that people prefer the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear, to uncertainties. Communicating the number of cases, deaths and recoveries is important in maintaining that trust and reassuring everyone about the true state of affairs. Communication with employees also is critical, he said. [He] listened to its employees, who were working with residents daily, and allowed them to implement creative solutions to issues within facilities.

We’re proud to have a communications solution with NOTIFY Communications, our video, voice and text app that seamlessly and securely connects residents, caregivers and loved ones. We’d love to be able to show you how our technology can foster these essential communication lines during difficult times.

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