The costs of isolation

CNN has a noteworthy piece up that looks into the feelings of distress and isolation that many seniors are currently facing:

Several times a week, psychologists, nurses and social workers are calling residents on the campus, doing brief mental health checks and referring anyone who needs help for follow-up attention. There’s “a lot of loneliness,” Agronin said, but many seniors are “already habituated to being alone or are doing OK with contact [only] from staff.” Still, “if this goes on much longer,” he said, “I think we’ll start to see less engagement, more withdrawal, more isolation — a greater toll of disconnection.”

These feelings are real and, in many parts of the country, growing as coronavirus continues to force individuals to isolate, social distance and self-quarantine.

As this trend continues for the foreseeable future, individuals and their loved ones will be looking for ways to connect despite the distance and technology solutions like NOTIFY Communications can be a big part of that.

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