NOTIFY & Dele Health Tech Announce New Partnership

We’re excited to announce our partnership with DELE Health Tech. DELE’s Fall Detection IoT Solution uses advanced radar technology to detect falls with four times as much accuracy than other automated fall alert systems. Working together, NOTIFY and DELE can now securely detect, alert and prevent falls at senior care communities. In addition, the partnership means that caregivers can receive fall alerts and secure its residents in the best possible way.

“We’ve been pioneering care team connectivity solutions for years,” said NOTIFY Senior Vice President Greg Robertson. “Now that we’re teamed up with DELE’s Fall Solution, we can work together to prevent falls and save lives.”

Here’s how the partnership will work in real-time:

-A Fall Detection Radar monitors each resident’s room 24/7
-The DELE solution receives all fall data from the radar and couples it with other fall related data (like EHR data)
-DELE Data Fusion couples data and alerts based on fall severity and also on future fall probability
-A real-time alert is sent from the DELE system to the NOTIFY Nurse Call system
-The staff can take immediate action, ensuring the person is taken care of right away.

This is an important solution to a critical problem; 60 percent of nursing home residents and 30 percent of community-dwelling seniors fall each year. Fall-related injuries account for 70 percent of deaths amongst people over 75 years.

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